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Monday, July 7, 2014

The perfect French kitchen chairs

I am on the hunt for the perfect kitchen table chairs for my sister. She wants French-y looking. I'm thinking vintage, to which she thinks... and I quote... "I don't like smelly antiques." Though she did not say that about this exact project, but I am trying to prevent hearing that again.

So, I have been shopping, at an antique store, for awesome french inspired chairs. Here's some I found at Hanna Antiques in Birmingham this weekend. Not a "smelly" one is sight!

This gold shield-back chair is very sweet. I ike the hint of grey in the carving.

This set of four is not classically French. But they are dainty in a French way.

Aahhh, not here is the classic French countryside kitchen chair. These are my picks!

These I could not resist. They were originally 1970's faux bamboo brown. The owner had them sprayed and voila!
Great navy chairs.

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