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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Aluminium of the 1960's- in full color

Vintage aluminum clothespins, Hollywood pin-ups, retro, mid-century
Vintage aluminium clothespins from
LittleBeach Designs on Etsy- already sold. See more below.
       Though the buzz word with the business men was "plastic" in the 1960's, the hot item for women was anodized aluminum.  The home was still the woman's domain and she was exercising her rights to choose. She choose color, crisp primary colors like only anodized aluminium can offer! Anodizing is an electro-chemical process that took the light weight silvery material and transformed it into vivid color. And because of the shine of the aluminum the colors were metallic in a way. And, though not as strong as steel, stronger than ceramic and much liht weight than both. It was the perfect material for partyware and came if an array of party colors.

These vintage clothes pins reminded me of my childhood and going to a neighbor Eva Mae's house, who has grandchildren my age, to play and she would pull out her multi-colored tumblers and fill them with liquid that seemed exotic in those glasses, but was probably just Kool-aid.

Here are some great 1960's anodized aluminum item from Etsy. Please click on the link in the caption to take you to the item.
Vintage Clothespin lot Metal Aluminum COLORS Clothes Pin Del E. Webb Hollywood Pin-ups
clothes pins from Avericia

vintage buttons - 1960s anodised aluminium - rustic found in the ground - orange swirl
buttons for Fagin's Daughter
Mid Century Modern SUNBURST Atomic Colored Aluminum Tumblers in Bright Bold & Beautiful Anodized Colors
Mid Century Modern tumbers from Glamour Girl Antiques
Vintage G.R. Sunburst Aluminum Bowls Made In Italy -  Set of Four
Bowls from Soogees
Vintage Red Aluminum Expandable File
expanding files from HabitusVA
Vintage Aluminum Coasters 5 pc Set // Bright Jewel-tone Colors
Coasters from Four Proffitts Vintage

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