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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spoonflower deal! Free Swatch today!

Just opened my email from Spoonflower, you know the company that can print your fabric design on really nice fabrics, and they are offer a free swatch of their Eco-Canvas with free shipping! This is a great opportunity to see the quality of their fabrics and printing! Click HERE to take you to their website. Then choose a pattern and get your swatch using the FREE SWATCH button!

Here are a few I would like to see in person. By the way, the watermark will not be on the final fabric!
Stunning Floral

stunning floral

by: peacoquettedesigns
Indigo Dip Dye

indigo dip dye

by: alicia_vance
Indigo and hand dyed is so hot right now!
Indigo Flowers

indigo flowers

by: eva_the_hun

Embroidered Rococo Mantua Skirt Floral Fabric - 2 yds repeat


by: jadegordon

If you are wondering what you would do with your 8 inch swatch besides note color, quality and pattern, you can always use it as a pocket to personalize a tote... and wouldn't it look cute with a monogram!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Installation day- Asian book box to coffee table

Client space- testing the rug and the new coffee table.

I found this awesome antique Asian book box at a local tag. It was perfect for a client's coffee table, but it was a little short in stature.

I love the light antique patina on the box and the subtle Asian closure.

So, my fantastic metal-smith made a frame to hold the box and it turned out great! This is a perfect example of how to support your local artists!
The waxed finish on the frame looks natural, without being match-y, with the box's hardware.

Such a handsome look, with or without a glass top!
More from this space will be coming in the next few days. We are adding some lighting, art and a bench in the space before we are totally done. But we have good bones installed already.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Life hacks- fried okra and fried green tomatoes

Whenever I drive to my college town, I always stop by the produce stand at the "Crossroads" where the gentleman calls me Darlin'. Today was one of those days!

He had watermelon, okra, green and red tomatoes, onions, peaches (of course) and cantaloupe.  With this array of local goodness, I decided dinner would include fried okra and fried green tomatoes with watermelon for dessert. Once home, I realized that I was tired from meetings and the long drive.

So, dinner plans needed to morph somewhat to not include standing at the stove and frying batches of things, which brought me to this Life Hack... also known as a hoe cake. A hoe cake with benefits!

Like many of my recipes, and the way many Southerns cook, this is a flexible recipe, more of a guide, really. If you do not know how to cook, or can only follow strict instructions, my recipes are not for you. Life is about risk, chance, and change- so are my recipes!

Okra and Green Tomato Hoe Cakes

about 3 cups of washed okra, chopped
2 green tomatoes chopped fine
2 tablespoons finely diced red onion
1 egg
1/2 cup of White Lily cornmeal mix (self rising) and brand is important!
1/2 cup buttermilk
Salt and pepper to taste!

beat egg and mix with buttermilk. Add the chopped okra, tomatoes, onion then mix. Add cornmeal mix and mix. If mix looks too dry add buttermilk, if Okra looks too naked, add more cornmeal mix and buttermilk. Once you have it where you want it, drop by serving spoon sized dollops into a hot lightly greased skillet ( I used a non-stick) and flatten some to make an even layer. Flip when first side is browned, about 1-2 minutes and keep cooked hoe caked in an oven on 275 degrees until all are cooked.

So, I had my fried okra, my fried green tomatoes and my cornbread all in one handy little cake! Leftover can even be heated in the toaster. As you can see from my hoe cakes, I wanted a lot more veg then cornbread. When I look at these pics, they look like jalapenos... which would be delish! Maybe next time will have a little heat.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pea Soup for the Soul- Pea soup green, my latest obsession

As I am pulling fabrics for clients, I noticed that I keep grabbing Pea Soup colored beauties. It is one of those colors that when placed with navy or orange can look dated, but placed with grey or crisp white, looks very fresh! Here is my latest faves.

Clockwise: Duralee,  Kasmir, EchoDesign from Kravet, Robert Allen

Interested in more info on these fabrics? Just let me know!

What is your color of the moment?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hanna Antiques (2424 7th Ave S)- last days of the sale

We are in the final stretch of the BIG sale at Hanna Antiques! I have added a few new things to the shop and marked down about 10 more items. I am ready to see some more movement and make more room for the back to school and back to college crowd- then it is on to the holidays shopping season.

Here is my new desk! Campaign desk that is and it is glorious. I sat down at it to write out the sale tags and wondered why I did not keep it! Best of all, it is currently 25% off, bringing it to $900. The base is sturdy, albeit a bit battle scarred (not real battle scars mind you, it is not actually from the turn of the century... more like the 1980's).

I have also added some of the steamboat Southern Comfort glasses to by Mid Century Bar!

More Southern Comfort glasses on the newly marked down barley twist gaming table.

Over all, you can see my newly picked french country writing design, a oh-so-comfortable armchair, and the newly marked down mid century side tables!

Many of the dealers have brought in new items and made additional mark downs, as I have! It is time to shop for yourself, you new college student, your first time apartment dweller, your holiday list!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Living smaller: Tiny- the movie

This image is from Katrina Cottages website. 

I  have a fascination with the small house movement from "The Not So Big House" books from Sarah 
Susanka to Tumbleweed houses to Katrina Cottages and now a documentary I wanted last night called Tiny, a story about living small. Here is a trailer of the movie. WATCH!

Where Katrina cottage maybe too cute, this uber industrial might just fit the bill!

If the time house movement is new to you... and you think it is strange or undo-able to live in under 250 square feet, watch the movie. Not only do you follow someone making a tiny cottage from scratch, but you also head from folks who live in them, how their lives are improved, and the freedom they offer. One of the spaces is completely white including the dishes and full of cubby storage. They typically have solar panels for electricity and some have these tint fireplaces that are made for boats. These folks live debt free and have the freedom to spend their money on other things than house upkeep like keeping up 6 sinks, 2-3 toilets an the plumbing they include, in a typical house. It is looking at the world, and your world differently. It is saying I don't need an impressively large house to be an impressive person. And, the free thinking that people have built houses for centuries without official plans, so why can't I, is very bold.

I am truly fascinate with these little houses. However, living in the most active tornado area in the country, it is perhaps foolhardy to consider building one- at least one on wheels. And as a business owner, it may not be viable to be in under 250 square feet. But living small and appreciating what you have instead of finding joy only in the "thrill of the hunt" is appealing. Even though I can writing construction documents and understand building construction, I still think I would purchase building plans. Luckily, there are a few companies that not only sell the plans, but can build the house and drive it to your location!

If you are really interested in going TINY, please check your local building codes. Many municipalities limit the size of homes built in it's limits. Some limit the house size to as small as 600 square feet. My city limits the interior square footage to 1000 square feet for one stories and 1300 square feet for 1.5 stories. You can find this information on the cities website, look for "building codes."

Would you live in a tiny house? Or, do you already?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Trending- Pineapples and brass pineapples

Trend-spotting is one of my favorite things to do. It is not like doing a craft project, where you have a specific thing to do and do it until it is completed. It is something that is always "on." You see something that reminds you that you have seen this a few more times recently, then you see it again and realize you have a trend brewing. then you wait to see if this is a micro-trend or has legs!

In my Etsy shop, and on many of the online "user driven" shopping sites (like One King's Lane, Etsy and Ebay), I have noticed a trend for brass pineapples. It started last fall where they were being purchased on One King's Lane quickly and at a great price. I found some last October and they were quickly bought from my Etsy store. Then I was contacted by German Cosmopolitan for an image to run in the Magazine's February issue. (I mean, what?!?! super excited!)

Look! There I am above the gorgeous kelly green chaise! 
Then my sources dried up, until recently, when I was able to source about three more! I think they are great for nesting together on the mantle, adding warmth to a modern space, or just saying welcome! You can store change, candy, matches, etc. inside and they can hold a taper candle. Truly a design milti-tasker!

The "big blogs" are picking up on this trend as well! I commented on a post yesterday from Decor8 regarding the Pineapple "micro-trend" which had a variety of pineapple themed items from wallpaper to lamps.

Are you spotting any awesome trends? Do tell!