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Monday, October 20, 2014

Etsy finds- Loving Lucite

I have long loved Lucute in any form! Ghost chairs, 1030's bedroom furniture, and Dorothy Thorpe knot home accessories.

Today, I sold a favorite recent acquisition.

These candlesticks were one of those items that I bought for resale and one of the few I considered keeping. I often have to remind myself that things are bought for resale.

My other recent fave was a set of napkin rings I purchased and considered them as a jewelry part.

But, I kept my self inline and did not design a gi-NOR-mous necklace.... but can't you see these as stations on chunky necklace. Yeah, maybe they will not sell and I'll have a new necklace.

Monday, October 13, 2014

New Markdowns in my Etsy vintage shop- Big Sale!

I've just marked some fab finds down in my shop! Please click on the light grey links below each item to take your new favorite Etsy Find!

Bar ware SALE.  Turquoise Gold Steamboat. Southern Comfort Promotional glassware. Double Old Fashion. Half Price Sale
Southern Comfort double old fashion glasses, set of 6
Bar ware SALE. 10 Turquoise Gold Steamboat. Southern Comfort Promotional glassware. Cooler size. Half Price Sale
Southern Comfort promotional glasses from the 70's in the cooler size, set of 10

Green hobnail vase. opalescent cameo glass. footed. pair available. SALE 25% off
Green hobnail vases with a milky top, very handsome!

Silver Plate trinket box with pineapple handle- Hollywood Regency meets Cottage chic SALE 50% off
Silver plate trinket box, who's lost almost all the silver, but gained in great good looks!
Vintage 7 marble stone eggs- pink, green, cream and orange - Italian jasper egg - SALE 50% off
Marble and jasper eggs, pretty colors

pineapple lidded box. pressed clear glass. large. sale 25% off
Large glass pineapple box, perfect for the holiday candy jar

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Etsy SALE- new mark downs of 25% off in my Etsy shop

I love a good sale! And, I love having shelf space! So, I am combining my loves and having a sale in my Etsy shop to move along some beauties and make room for new beauties.

What's on Sale? Here ya' go!

Chinoiserie red and gold bookends. composite. cameo. Borghese label. sale 25% off

Fused glass floral platter. 11.5 inches in diameter. red, yellow, purple, green, orange, blue. sale 25% off

French Onion soup bowls. Covered. Lidded. Set of four. sale 25% off

Large Onyx Trojan Horse bookends. Mid Century Modern. beautiful veining. sale 25% off

Vintage sale Large brass reindeer planter- perfect for Christmas decor- sitting deer with antlers- SALE
The perfect holiday candy dish large brass reindeer

Vintage sale Christmas elf shoe planter, candy dish, cachepot- SALE
Who would not love to get a little Christmas Cactus planted in this little guy! Christmas Elf planter

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New FLOR rug patterns for Fall

Rustic porch with FLOR rug tiles

I have loved FLOR rugs for many years... yes, I spelled that right F-L-O-R. For the uninitiated, they make carpet squares, but not just any ol' office carpet. Their rug tiles are made from recycled fibers, are recyclable, and come is so many styles and piles! I especially love the vintage styles, like Ambrosia in Magenta above!

Birmingham condo designed by Laurl Self

I love them so much, I used them on the condo that was featured on the cover of Birmingham Home and Garden magazine this January. This space features Reoriented in Teal.

turquoise, pink and orange condo by Laurl Self

So, when they emailed with new styles of their modern take of a vintage pattern... I was all in!

Check out the new collection called Intricacy!

rustic space with FLOR rug tiles

contemporary space with FLOR rug tiles

Modern space with FLOR rug tiles

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Etsy finds- cut steal fire pits for the Fall

Forest Fire firepit from Etsy

I love a good fire outside, inside, where ever. Fire places, outside fire places, fire pits, a ring of stones on the beach, bonfires, you name it! And... it's time get those giant marshmallows- or make homemade marshmallows- and get your fire on!

Up North Custom Outdoor Fire Pit - Hand Cut Steel Sphere
Up North firepit from Etsy

Firepits are a great temporary alternative to a full on outdoor fireplace! But, don't get a boring one from the big box store. Try on one of these that can turn a roaring fire to practically a TV show in the back yard!

These cut steel fire pits from Etsy are fantastic!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Etsy finds- Personalized slice stencil

Personalised Slice Size Cake Stencil

I just saw this on an Etsy Find's email and I thought it was so cute I would share. A personalized slice stencil! This would be perfect for brownie pie delivered to a loved one and what child would not love to see their name in place of Molly's! Too cute. What a great item to add to your baked good gift along with the recipe card!
Could be fun for a Weight Watcher to suggest 2 points, 5 points, 20 points slices! Of course, this would be your Weight Watcher with a sense of humor!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Garlic Soup- my week of soups

I just got in the mail a book I have been wanting for many years- Twelve Months of Monastery Soups by Brother Vicor-Antoine d'Avila-Latourrette. Why haven't I bought it sooner? I have about a 100 cookbooks, so it would seem that I have enough. But since most are from the publishing house I used to work for, this book should have a different flavor profile.

Since I am in the second week of the flu... hopefully the tail end, and the start of Autumn. I thought I should get this soup book, finally, and do a week of soups to soothe this lingering flu/cold.

Now garlic soup may seem like a real vampire killer, but when you cook it, and this is cooked quickly in the oil and then boiled, the heat and flavors mellow. It still tastes like garlic. However it is not the brash teenager garlic- all fiery and cocky, but the suave, sophisticated garlic that reads the newspaper, owns antiques and trades stocks for fun.

I photographed the recipe from the cook book that includes my half recipe notations. I find it easier to note the half amounts of the ingredients before I start the recipe and I like to make a half recipe when I try something new, in case I do not like it and would feel guilty throwing out a large quantity of food.

So, I changed a few of thing... or added steps that I thought was not clear.

1. I used Costco brands organic chicken stock and tomato sauce, organic eggs and olive oil.

2. I cubed the bread and used a morter and pestle to "mince" the garlic. (I find the marble easier to clean the garlic smell from that a wooden cutting board.)

I also added the salt at the stage to make the garlic grinding easier.

steamy image of whisked soup

3. I whisked the soup instead of puree in the blender- saved an extra item to clean.

4. I used crushed red pepper flakes from Penzeys instead of cayenne, because I like them.

soup pre-whisking, the bread swells up a lot!

New Technique for Me~

I have never added a whisked egg into a soup, but it made the soup go from just good to rich and creamy.

I think the key to this process is, "slow and stead wins the race" and it will taste the same if it doesn't work just perfectly anyway. After all, you are not serving it to the queen, just your family and friends. So, unless they are all chefs, don't worry!

So, a cup of the soup slowly whisked into the whisked eggs- slowly means that this should take about two birthday songs worth of time to do. You are warming the eggs.

Adding the eggs to the soup is a little scarier to me- because this is the part that could make egg drop soup out of the dish. Again slow- like 3 birthday songs or more.

Finally the finished soup! A perfect light lunch especially for the sick and sore of throat.

I went all TV chef and added a little olive oil to the top to serve. It's the little things...

I hope you will try this rich, creamy soup, it can even go vegetarian, if you opt for vegetable stock instead of chicken. This half recipe makes about 4-5 of the mugs I used for the photographs. So, for me, it's a stock the freezer item! It will be a great alternative to tomato soup to go with a grilled cheese in the future.