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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Halloween Store display ideas- fall edition

I have been out of commission for about a week with the flu. Between sleeping and drinking chicken broth, I have cruised Pinterest for ideas for my Halloween display at Hanna Antiques. Here are some of my faves.
Darla Jackson
Gothic Halloween Raven Silhouette Sugar Cookie How-To
I've got mirrors that look like these cookies and with be great with Raven heads on them. image from HERE.

Black teapot halloween
This cute images comes from my friend, Nancy Heard. I have some tarnished tea pots and pumpkin candle holders that would look great styled like this!
Zombie Baby Grandma Ghost out of Frame Horror Doll Halloween Haunted Prop
I love the ghost in the mirror idea, this might be too much, but it is something to ponder. found HERE.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Black and white kitchen project in Atlanta

I had the opportunity to redo a kitchen in Atlanta this summer. The client wanted a black and white kitchen- of which we started a pin board on Pinterest.

She is opposed to subway tiles, but likes Moroccan tiles and wanted dark counter tops.

We decided on plain raised panels in a creamy white with creamy walls and a black granite with copper flecks.

The copper flecks sparkle under the recessed lighting and under mount cabinet lighting.

We kept the original medium tone wood floors, added red small appliances and used her collection of Tracey Porter Pottery.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Antiquing in the ATL- 24 hours in Atlanta, shopping and sampling

This weekend was the monthly antique extravaganza called Scott's Antique Market, or just Scott's in the antique and design circles.

 It is everything from new handmade furniture to 17th century furniture, new clothes from old doilies to old furs, thoughtfully curated booths of antiques, to piled tables of treasures and stuff.

Possibly treasure filled, piled up tables... or it could just be a pile.

Lovely beach-y or lake-ish booth!

loads of great mirrors and painting inviting you to dig through them.

I resisted the siren song of bead tables... it was hard. And found some amazing tables.

brass and marble end tables
Pair of brass and marble tables made from antique fire screens- would be great with a low armed sofa! 

handmade iron and stone table
Handmade rusty patina iron with a stone top- one of a kind at it's best!

handmade iron table base
This guy is just waiting for the right top! It could be stone or barn wood! Great as a console or bar!

antique writing desk
This is more of a desk, but with the top down, it would be a lovely table and it was a steal! Too bad the car was full.

mid century chrome end tables
Lovely Bernhardt chrome end tables. I would tale out the inside glass shelf and add a dog bed! 

iron fence table
I love this little table! I think it is made from some New Orleans corn iron fencing.

steampunk table
Real Steampunk! This old table was originally used for laundry and had a crank for adjusting the height!

seward trunks
Not technically a table, but I love stacked trunks and suitcases as a storage table!

After 5 hours of walking Scott's I headed for Food Truck Friday in Duluth, GA, North of Atlanta. There was some great options, but I wanted to sit down to eat. So my sister and I went to her face Caribbean/ Cuban restaurant, Armando's, for Picadillo and Carnitas.

Then to Food Truck Friday for Dessert. I had a creole praline and my sister decided to walk to Crave pies for a larger selection of pies!

My last photo of the night was the cute window display of the store next door.

Makes you want to go to a party in a tutu!

Next day was using my Scott's finds to style the kitchen I just finished in Atlanta... but that another post! Here's a preview!

mid century glass bottles

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dorm Decor- the vintage guy's dorm room

I love being in a large antique mall, so many opportunities to find goodies. You can bring in a laundry list of clients needs and get at least have accomplished Many times, when you find a great antique mall, you can do one stop shopping for an entire space! I took the "design one space from one store" challenge to created this guy's dorm room from bare walls to stuffed with goodies. Since things keep being purchased from the space, I add goodies from all over the store to the space weekly!

 It's that time of season to think about dorm decor and decorating your dorm room is more popular than ever. I recently put together this space from one antique mall, Hanna Antiques to create a gentlemen's dorm room. My space is intentionally retro, in keeping with a time period somewhere near Dead Poets Society time- 1930's to 1940's boys college dorm, the young man is sporty, likes cars, and a vague anglophile... he also hides a bit of smoking from the residence assistance.

I started with a lovely black enamel and brass bed with a simple white coverlet. I know boys and white, but there's this problem solver called bleach. Works like a charm. I also add plain white pillows, to keep it simple and some plaid throw pillows. In keeping with the masculinity of bold plaids, I added two different plaid blankets on the foot of the bed. They are perfect for picnic blankets, too! Bed is done, easy and easy to clean.

The small bamboo desk is perfect for laptop use and has small drawers to keep chargers, money, and in this space to hide a flask! People need a chest of drawers and this space holds a lovely one that serves as a night stand for lamps, books and a trophy or two.

In keeping with my Dead Poets feel, I thought about the popularity of smoking in the 1940's and added a humidor (one just like the one my great grandmother used as a nightstand) with other smoking matter on top. It could have just as easily been a shaving mirror, but I didn't see one in the store. Sitting beside it is a fantastic wood rocker with a face carved in the back of a man smoking. In this space is lends an air of humor and a nod to knowing what goes on in a dorm room. It also makes me think of being in college and hanging out on the president's lawn at night with friends, looking for the milky way and discussing great matters as only 20-somethings can. Then a orange dot appeared about 20 feet from us and about 6 feet from the ground... and moving closer in the Stygian black night. At 5 feet away, we realized it was or friend Darren, the Sahara Desert of dry wit, with a small cigar glowing in the night.

Lastly,  the furniture includes a seating area in smart Mitchell/Gold houndstooth chairs looks grea with a stack of red tables, an Eileen Gray adjustable glass side table or a contemporary mirror top table. It seems that what ever I put there sells, since all three of the tables have been placed there and all sold. Behind the chairs are some small storage trunks, that make me think of Harry Potter, but would be great for less used or longer termed storage.

Then there are the knick-knacks, those thinks that add personality to a space and tell the person's interests, like and sometimes beliefs... and are essential to styling a store, but maybe not a house. I decided this guy was a hunter, or at least like vestiges of dead things. And, I decided that there should be a sub-theme of horns. So, he has antlers, and horn hooks, as well as a paper caste of a french horn and a brass hunting horn. All very gentlemen's club in feel.

Boys spaces can be hard to design for, it's harder to look cool and "designed" at eighteen. Remember, that designing for young men is about them, not about what someone would like for them. If they want an all black room, go with it. They will respect the furnishings more, if it is something they like and choose. Listen to the wants, ask opinions, guide them with advise about things like buying quality for important stuff versus cheap for the temporary. You will be grooming them to be confident in their opinions, more knowledgeable about the things around them, and you will be teaching them to communicate with adults on adult's level and eye to eye!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Keurig 2.0- a review and cost analysis

Influenster voxbox keurig
I received a free Keurig 2.0 to review from Influenster- to my surprise! I am thrilled at the opportunity to try the new one. I was an early adopter when they first came out, as was my sister. We discovered that after about 8-12 months it started acting up and she discovered that you could "do a Fonzie" and hit the top with your fist and it would behave, much like the juke box on Happy Days- hence the name.

 However, that was annoying, unsatisfying and eventually stopped working as well. Back to the Mr Coffee, and other various coffee apparatus.

Then I took and Influenster survey, and they deemed me worthy of a coffee maker! I told anyone who would listen that I was getting a free coffeemaker until it finally arrived... and maybe even afterward. I was excited.

I was super excited about the carafe part. Brewing individual coffees for everyone at Christmas was troublesome, so the Carafe-Cups solves the problem of many drinks. 

I really like that the Carafe Cup is recyclable. You can peel the foil top off and the filter pack is connected. Filter pack to the garbage, plastic cup to the recycle bin!

coffee brewing from new Keurig single cup brewer

Then there are the little detail of good design, like the water reservoir has an access door in the front of the machine and the version I have has an 80 ounce reservoir! Which I have used for instant hot water to making tea.  (I really don't see myself using the tea k-cups, but they may be great for others)

brewing coffee in new keurig

I started wondering, after I purchased a giant box of k-cups from Costco, if I am spending a lot more money in coffee than with a traditional coffee maker. So, I sat down and did a little math with the help of  a post from cockeyed for the estimates of how many cups of coffee are in a pound of coffee. 

I typically brew 6 cups of coffee a day and like to use Gevalia coffee- which is about $8 per 12 oz. bag. That comes to 73.6 cents a pot and my K-cup is about 33 cents per cup. So the K-cups are a little cheaper, since I get about 2 servings per pot. I would feel comfortable paying up to 40 cents a k-cup, after doing this math.

I would completely recommend this brewing system, and not because I got a free one. Having had one before, I can see the improvements and look forward to the new K-cup ideas in the works. 
I am super excited about the Keurig and Campbell's future products! They are working on a Chicken noodle soup version! The broth would be in the K-cup and it would have a packet of noodles. I would be happy with broth k-cups sans noodles! Here's a look...
Campbells & Keurig - Fresh-brewed Soup!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Coming soon to my Etsy store- Glass Christmas trees for the Holidays

I am starting to add my new vintage Christmas and holiday to my Etsy store and my store at Hanna Antiques.
Find them HERE!

The Christmas trees are coming in!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Floral design inspiration- creating large floral centerpieces

A Most Curious Wedding Fair – The UK’s Coolest Wedding Show Comes to Norwich!
Every year I would with a small team of fantastic folks on a fund raiser for scholarship money for a local student to attend my Alma Mater- University of Montevallo's fantastic art program.

floral arrangement using Peacock  feather and orchids for a Centerpiece
Every year, I do the floral centerpieces... usually on the fly from whatever lovelies I find at the local wholesale florist.

purple floral decoration with gold twigs
This year is different. This year I am actually looking for inspiration for the flowers. I need it to be a big centerpiece, a purple and gold floral display, and preferably remarkable in floral style. That last one not always met, but striven for.

purple and yellow floral arrangement with yucca and cabbages
Here is some of my Pinterest pinspirations for the floral centerpieces... and some non- floral centerpieces.

Lanterns and Paper Pom Poms overhead party centerpeice
So this last one is not my color scheme, but it is a punny version of my theme (Shades of Purple and Gold, in stead of shades of color, I could do "lampshades" of purple and gold.) I can totally see this idea of purple and gold lanterns hanging over the food tables... and it would be reuseable, which is always a consideration when raising money for a state university!