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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cold brew coffee obsessed!

My summer obsession is cold brew coffee! The keurig is getting a break this summer and my 4 cup French press is getting a workout. It is so easy and the taste is much better than coffee maker coffee! Plus, it is so inexpensive and no plastic bottles to throw away with no plastic contact plastic.

I love making it in the French press, because all I need to do is press it after 24 hours and store it in the refrigerator. Once you have poured the last drop, scoop out the ground with a teaspoon, give the French press a wash and start all over! Easy Peasy. Add milk, thin it with a little water, or drink it strong and black, you are in control.  Plan below!

easy cold brewed coffee

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sprout VoxBox from Influenster!

I finally got my Sprout VoxBox from Influenster. If you are unfamiliar with Influenster, they are a social media community that gets to test products! This is the latest box of complimentary item for review!

Super excited to try them! I think I'll wash a load of clothes right not to use the ECOS.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hot tea with the My K Cup from Keurig

I love loose tea and the ability to mix them like a recipe, the only problem is that the tea infusers can be messy, until I had a V-8 moment with my My K Cup coffee filter... now a tea infuser! I am still playing with the idea of making videos, so here's my second video attempt with the My K Cup tea infuser!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ode to a Singer Featherweight sewing machine- sold on Ebay

Lovely featherweight from 1941, complete with case, feet and bobbin.

Lately, I have tried my hand at selling on Ebay, instead of Etsy. And it has gone well. Although sometimes...

I am sad to see something leave me. Today is one of those days.
pretty feather weight sewing machine, weights about 16 pounds and was intended to be carried from place to place. 
Pretty gold detailing on the body of the machine

This beauty is leaving me tomorrow and headed to Houston. And though I know I am in the business of selling things... I buy pretty things and would like to keep them.
Belt driven machine that is still in good repair! Look at that cute on/off switch. It looks like a parcheesi playing piece. 

Oh, the Egyptian Scroll Attachment plate on the end. It makes a sewist's heart flutter!

So goodbye pretty lady! Perhaps I will find a lovely replacement to look at a while until the next one sells!

My K Cup review and a life hack

As a member of Influenster, I received products to review, on occassion. My most recent review-able items was a My K Cup refillable coffee filter. I have had a refillable coffee filter with my old Keurig and was disappointed that there was not a new one for the new machines.

Well wait no more! Influenster sent me one with a pound of coffee for review on my Keurig 2.0 machine. It is as good as the previous model, but with less parts.  Lots of Pros and only one Con, which is not really a con for me, but others seem to take issue. Suffice to say, Keurig has another sales opportunity to make a carafe sized My K Cup!

Please, please Keurig, Make a My Carafe K Cup!


Easy to Clean- dump out the wet coffee and dust out the dry a few hours later

Well Sized- fits into the K Cup holder and holds lots of coffee

Easy to Use- just fill to the tab, line up the marks on the lid and brew


Doesn't work with the carafe- this is no deal breaker for me, but judging from reviews on the site, it bothers some people.

Now for the life hack!

I'll admit, I don't like holding down the button for water to dispense to make tea. Then it hit me. I could empty the tea bag into the My K Cup and brew.
Lo and Behold... the perfect cup of tea. One bag can brew enough to have 12-14 ounce cup of tea.

Though Mr. Carson would not approve, I think it's brilliant!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

REVIEW: Honeywell Console Top FIll Cool Moisture Humidifier

I was super excited to be chosen as a reviewer for the Honeywell Console Top Fill Cool Moisture Humidifier. I have to thank Influenster and Honeywell for the free humidifier to review.

I have blogged before in 2010 HERE, and HERE, and again in 2014 HERE. So, I'm pretty serious about humidity. Living in the Deep South, you might think I get enough of it in the summer. I think that is why low humidity is such a problem in the winter. We are used to having soft moisture rich skin for most of the year. Then windy November comes calling and we shut the door and windows, turn on the heat, and dry out. So you can see why I would be excited about a multi-room humidifier. I normally have one in my bedroom, in my work space, and intermittently in the den.
Thanks to Influenster and Honeywell, it arrived today! I was shocked at the size- 14 inches deep and 22 inches wide! Where to put this big boy to even set it up. I decided on the foyer, which might seem strange, but with doors to my work space, the den and a hallway to the bedrooms... plus a large piece of furniture to put it on, I was set. The top fill feature is outstanding and the humidifier is well designed, though removing the center part each day to turn over the filter is messing and would be easier with a handle.

I read the instructions, how to clean it and added water... lots of water. I did not anticipate the amount of water this needed. One full tank filled the base. So I had to add more water. Then I went for more water for the other tank and that is when I heard the water pouring on the nice foyer carpet!

I knew there were these paddle things under the tanks, they were loose in the package and nothing was mentioned about them in the instructions. So, I thought they were supposed to be that way. Only after sopping up a quart of water could I stop and read the troubleshooting. It does mention that if the "water is leaking from the base" the possible cause is the "float id not installed properly". Well, if there was some instructions about installing the floats, I could have been saved from water pouring across and down my antique dresser onto my rug!
View of the floating paddle floats, I have no idea that these were supposed to be connected.

Suggestion number one:
Mention snapping the floats into place in the instructions- not just on the troubleshooting.

HUMIDITY- I held a humidity monitor over the air flow and it registered 77% coming out of the device. My den was at 48% before I turned it on. I will check again after it's been on a few hours.

SOUND- The high setting is loud, like running a box fan on medium. And, this is basically a fan and a wick, albeit a large one. It would work well if you like "white noise" with your humidity. It had white noise in spades.

WICK- I have never had a wick-based evaporative humidifier before.  So, I will need to replace the filter every 1-2 months. The filter costs about $14 on Amazon, not bad.

CLEANLINESS- I prefer a warm mist humidifier, since it boils the water and thus less germs, bacteria, etc. I have had cool misters before and the tended to mildew. They were a one year items and I hate disposable plastic appliances. There are instructions on how to clean the system with bleach in the instruction booklet.

So, first blush on the humidifier is about 50/50 on liking it. I'm still smarting over the water flow incident. Perhaps tomorrow I will like it better.
UPDATE: I have sat on this review for a week to use the humidifier. It works, there's no denying it. However, the size and the noise is a real drawback for me. And, one thing it have over my small bedroom humidifier, it doesn't have a nightlight to illuminate the room. Then again, that one is silent.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Going back to school- the new girl behind the teacher's desk

The school year, for the local colleges, starts this week and this year I will begin on the path of a long term goal, heading back into the class room as an instructor. Adjunct today, hopefully a permanent position in the future!

I am very excited at the opportunities to work at both University of Alabama, teaching AutoCAD, and Samford University co-teaching design and graphic fundamentals for interior design.

I foresee many of stretch goals in the near future, but I also foresee the camaraderie I so miss from working on a team!

Lastly, I foresee a different way of eating! On two days a week, I have 10 minutes for lunch. Two other days, I am teaching during my normal dinner... them driving an hour back home.  I decided on soups for lunch because drinking your lunch seems easy and time- effective, and I have these fab Klean Kanteens that will hold hot soups. The challenge will be getting an endless variety of soups that I like without making the same kinds every other week. So, I will be posting my journey of soups on my other blog, Sweet Home Flavors. Please click on the blog title to see my journey!