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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The ABC's of arranging shelves- Part 2

The ABC's of arranging shelves or "One, two, three, four, can I have a little more". Why yes you can.

So, part one of arranging shelves discussed the triangle method of creating visual interest in a shelf, as well as what to put in a shelf. Let's now look at how to group those things... hence the one, two, three, four.

One is for your stand alone "accent" pieces- A lamp, A piece of art glass, etc. A single item is impactful. Choose a large piece that fill the shelf. One that will come nearly up to the shelf above.

Filling the space with a pear or the letter B adds curves in a bookshelves of angles. From Living at Home

A lovely example of single items featured by the center of the book shelf, from Lonny.

Two... now normally even numbered items are not something I like to work with. They can create symmetry, but often two of the same thing is visually uncomfortable. Unless it is something like candlesticks, those they are a bit skinny for a shelf. So, if you want a pair from symmetry, choose two objects that are the same size, or color, but two different things.

Three identical vessels, but only two with flowers. Great clean mantle from House Beautiful.

Three's are my favorite to work with. I like odd numbers of items and I have read that odd numbers are visually comfortable- which is why old windows are typically odd numbers of panes. Or so I have read. Odd numbered items are great for creating the triangles from the part one of arranging shelves.

Wicker baskets are cool in wherever place you use them! 
Traditional Laundry Room design by Toronto General Contractor HARDROCK CONSTRUCTION
Clean and easy, three baskets per shelf, for more great laundry ideas check out this post on

Four items can be as impactful as one, if they are all the same items. Four big glass bottles sitting close together "reads" as one item. Four different items can create the triangles and symmetry, however, I think that the negative space actually makes the fifth item in the group.

Great shelves are your for the filling! enjoy.

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