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Thursday, January 10, 2013

HOLA New Year

My New Year's resolution is rather all encompassing- I call it HOLA, which is very friendly sounding. It stands for Handmade, Organic, Local, Artisan. This is my mission for the coming year~ my purchases will defer to HOLA when possible. They may be furnishings from a small local business as opposed to a chain, organic and/or locally grown produce, or artisan cheeses and handmade soaps. It is Small Business Saturday from American Express meets Etsy.

My HOLA today is my first veggie box from a local farmer who is part of an online cooperative business that facilitates local buyer in the state of Alabama... and some of Tennessee, to find local "CSA" boxes. The business is called, my veggie box is from Owl's Hollow. The nice part about Freshfully's appoach is that you are not locked into a season from one grower. This week I am trying Owl's Hollow, next week might be Moore's farm, etc. I can try them all out and see which drop location works from me and which selections I prefer. Sometimes I work in town and I would rather pick up at the Freshfully grocery, most times I am in the 'burbs and I can pick up in my suburb. I love the flexibility and variety. I might even want to cook and freeze a "mess of green"... they have a veggie box for that! I applaud Freshfully for their thoughtful design of this program, the opportunity to purchase locally, and in locating the main location in a food desert.
Now, to my veggie box this week! We have apples, zucchini, green beans, two heads of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, parsley and eggs. Here's the box~

What are my plans for this box?
Here's the menu plan (veggie box items in red)~
Stir-fry Beef with green beans, bell pepper and onions
Lunch Green Salads with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper and egg 
Chocolate Zucchini Bread with zucchini and egg
Pecan Chicken with sauteed zucchini and onion, and green beans
What about the apples? Those are for snacking!

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