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Monday, January 7, 2013

popular on Pinterest this week

Pinned ImageI never know what I am going to pin on Pinterest that will be a repin blow-up. This week it is an image of a group of Moroccan tea glasses on a mirrored tray. They are pretty colors with light gold filigree detailing on the glasses. Moroccan tea is served hot and is either green tea or a mint and is served all day. These pretty glasses would be great showing off the desired foam that forms on the top of the tea from the distinct pouring method, as well as a sweet boutique or a single stem of hydrangea.

I love using my Moroccan tea glasses for flowers! But they are not just for tea and flowers, these are great with tea lights in them! They would be a great addition to wedding decor for the bridal couple that wants to add some ethnic patterns and colors to the reception.

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