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Monday, June 30, 2014

Before and after- Chair makeovers, furniture flips

I love taking a piece that needs a bit of attention and making it into a star! It is even better when I take two vaguely related pieces and make twin stars.

One of my clients needed a pair of chairs with a British Colonial feel. I found these chairs with good lines and some caning, a hallmark of British Colonial design, at Hanna Antiques.

In a very "his and hers" classic look, one of the chairs is a bit taller than the other... it is also my fave! The wood splat is a firm support for the back with the caning adding all the character. The client also requested that the backs of the chairs be attractive since they would be seen from the back when entering the room. The second chair in the pictures offers all the good looks from the back, too!

To unify the look of the chairs, I choose to go with the same fabrics for both. I think they look terrific! The small red custom pillows brings out the reds in the fabrics. The pale blue-green background looks great in the greenish blue room.

We are not done yet! Tomorrow brings in the matching pillow for the cane back chair so they match, visually, from the front view. And, the TV "cabinet" is coming tomorrow, too! Later on will be new lighting.

I have added many pieces to this space from Hanna Antiques. I have shopped there since I was in high school and I am proud to be a dealer there now. Antique stores are a great option for those who are looking for well made pieces, with great style at excellent prices! Items used to be made to "last forever", we now call them antiques. Break with the disposable design style and add some vintage/antique into your space.

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