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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winning at Home Goods- organic Earl Grey green tea

I love tea... I have posted about tea before. Recently, I was at Home Goods and cruzin' the food items, because you can find some crazy interesting things there in often great packaging, when I found this...

Green tea + Earl Grey + loose tea + organic = 35.27 ounces of delish!
And, I cannot believe I got it for under $12!!!!

I'm just sorry I didn't get the black tea variety. I like that as busy as I am, tea makes me slow down, wait, and do one thing at a time- for a moment at least. And, it always reminds me of Precious Ramotswa at The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (a book series by Alexander McCall Smith), when Mma. Ramotswa needs to think, she asks Mma. Makutsi to make tea. Then there is all the tea drinking in Harry Potter... though I think I will have mine without Ogden's Old Fire Whisky.

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