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Saturday, February 15, 2014

It is a HOOT!

Shopping this weekend, I ran across this not-so-little HOOT! I love the colors, the style and the attention to detail. The original intent was to be a candle holder, but it look great on it's own. Handmade in Italy for Rosenthal-Netter, it is attributed to Aldo Lossi for Bitossi in the Rimini Blu colorway. I have yet to completely confirm that. He, or she, is such a looker... whOO, whOO, whOO cares. (little owl humor)

Check out the rest of the pictures below.

If you would like to own this 15 inch tall drink-of water, click here to take you to my Etsy store to purchase. UPDATE- sold out... but I am on the hunt for more!

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