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Saturday, September 21, 2013

before and after- the subtle houndstooth chair

The chair, detail.
I have always loved houndstooth, it is the overt preppy in me. However, living in Alabama... houndstooth takes on a different reference than preppy. I choose not to follow football, but living in Alabama, one cannot help but be influenced by the sport.  Sadly, I do not wear houndstooth much, especially in the fall, because people assume I have a football allegiance. And, no football fan wants to hear that you actively try to ignore their passion. However, sometimes houndstooth is subtle, perhaps un-noticeable to football fans... maybe.

The chair, after.
So when I found this fantastic houndstooth fabric in shades of french grey. I have to have it on as the upholstery on this chair. It is my latest furniture flip.
The chair, before.

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