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Friday, September 20, 2013

Before and After- the linen chair furniture flip

Lovely linen chair with contemporary carved cabriolet legs, Queen Anne foot, and pretty nailhead detail. Detail image.

Nothing says comfort to me like linen- love it in clothing and furnishings. Nothing says dated like bargello Herculon- the king of industrial strength acrylic fabric... enjoyed by those who like the 1970's, itching, and fabrics that basically wipe clean. Ovbiously, I'm not a fan of the ol' Herculon.

Before with a kind of bargello- diamond herculon upholstery. Detail image.

Before chair

However, I found this Herculon-tastic chair with great lines, good wood, and it was sturdy.

So, after purchasing it and thinking about it for a few months, I decide to leave the wood natural and add a simple neutral linen upholstery fabric.

Then I found this fantastic Union Jack linen pillow and my decision was made. Off to the upholsterer we went!

She's a beauty!
After chair, now available at Interiors and Antiques in Vestavia.

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