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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall pumpkins from recycled books

I love what people do with used and unwanted books. I played around with the idea of the pumpkin made from a book. And added my own methods and look.

It is perfect for Halloween, as well as Thanksgiving. I love a season craft that bridges two holidays.

I started with used books from the free bin in front of a local used book store.

My requirements included lots of pages, clean pages, and a good spine.

First I cut off the covers and spines... these maybe a future kindle covers! Then I began carving the pumpkins shape (half a pumpkin, actually) with an x-acto knife. A knife is easier than using scissors.

HINT: use the bottom of the book edge for the bottom of the pumpkin to add stability and save some cutting time.

Then I cut jute rope to a length that went the length of the spine. One end is hot glued, the other is wire- wrapped. The wire-wrapped end is the "view" end. The other end goes in the center of the pumpkin.

Next, using hot glue, attach the rope to the center of the spine and glue the book all the way around the rope. Then flex the book pages to make the page spaces as even as possible.

Lastly, I choose to add seam binding loops and Spanish moss at the top.

Cute, cute, cute and easy to make with, most likely, things you have around the house!

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