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Monday, July 11, 2016

Shop inspiration: Silk pillows piled luxuriously in vintage suitcases

This display of my lavender sachets was visually intriguing for buyers back in the day when I was doing the farmer's market and craft shows in my area. The suitcases were great way to transport the sachets, too. They made it easy to pack and go to the shows, as well as break down the show quickly. 

 The old suitcases were a great talking point for customers. People are more likely to enter a booth when it looks like other people are interested. Plus, the bright colors of the silks are show to their advantage with the neutral palette of the woven rattan and linen suitcases.

This shop display inspiration for your Monday is not limited to just stores. How cute would it be to display towels, or other thoughtfuls, in your guest room.  Like the one below from Country Living Magazine.

Guest Amenities Put together a welcome kit for guests in a vintage travel case, including such necessities as towels, soap, and shampoo!:
Country Living Magazine

A fantastic vessel for larger floral displays. A suitcase with some yard greenery, make fall tablescapes easy and inexpensive! Find the inspiration below!

Wooden trunks filled with Pine Cones and Greenery
Find it here!

A few nice pinecones, some tree branches and a little shrubbery trimming and you have a display! You can sit small vases inside the suitcase to hold the branches or simply use some chicken wire. Remember to keep your display in a triangular form to keep it looking neat!

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