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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Papads and the Microwave, your next food obsession

I recently purchased a lot of cherries... I mean they were about $1.00 per pound, how could I not! So I am off to the races on making cherry based dishes- mostardas, chutneys, scones, etc. However, I was out of  black and yellow mustard seeds. So, on the to-do's this weekend was a visit to the always intriguing, Indian Spices store in Hoover. At Indian Spices, I am bound to find what I need and a few things to try. Today's "try" was a doozie of deliciousness!!! 

I had no idea exactly what I was buying, not uncommon in a store where about half the products have English names. I bought what I thought was called Khichiya. After all, it is the first word at the top. But according to the internet, they are called papad- the rice version of papadums. 

 I could read rice crackers and chili garlic. So, I thought that they were, you know, crackers, chili garlic crackers. I didn't read the light green box, with the instructions to see that you have to cook them, until I got home

So, off to the internet to see which method works best for me. My options were deep frying, open flame, microwave and oven. I found a video of a couple microwaving them and I riffed on this idea. He spread oil on one side with a ladle. I used my trusty silicone sauce brush and a little oil on both sidesThey are outstanding. Really outstanding. They are crunchy, airy, and strong enough to use with a dip. You know that feeling you get from eating pork rinds, where they start feel a bit sticky, but dry on your lips, especially after a few. This has that same feeling. In other words, lip-licking good. So, you want some? Read on!

Pour a little oil, I use organic canola, in a bowl and with your brush, paint both sides with the oil (you can be stingy with the oil). Then, place two or three on a paper towel in the microwave and set for 30 seconds. You will see them start to puff from the edges to the center. Carefully remove from microwave, they will be hot to the touch as will the oil on the outside and add them to your snack bowl. I tried a couple of waves of this and got up to 5 "crackers" in the microwave at the time. You have to watch them because the will burn like microwave popcorn, if you are not careful.

What do you do with these airy puffs of delish? I ate them like chips. But, I think they are to be eaten with a meal. And are they hot, you ask, well after a few, you notice the heat! 


1. Since you will probably not cook all of them at one time, you can put the rest in a resealable bag and cut the label off of the original bag to go inside. This is especially important if you buy more than one flavor... and now that you know how to cook them, you will want all the flavors.

2. You could probably even use an aerosol oil, but I don't normally have any. The plain ones would probably be good with a brushing of coconut oil- for you sweet and salty-ers!

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