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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Home Accessories with Staying Power- a How To

There is nothing worse than finding a trend you love only to see it panned the following year. The key to staying on trend without constantly changing your world is to catch the flavor of the trend, without a full out embrace- you need to "side hug" the trend!

Brass is a great hot trend right now. It gives a space warmth by reflecting warm light better than any other metal, even mirrors. However, going Brass-tastic on the family room will be disappointing when the next trend comes around.

The solution in three options:
Choose one brass piece, perhaps a table with brass legs or a brass top and place it prominently.

Find it here!
Image of Casa Bique Brass Tortoise Back Light Floor Lamp
Find it here!
Find it here!

TIP: Hit local estate and tag sales for vintage brass items.

Vintage Brass Pineapple centerpiece candle holders. great Hollywood Regency style.
Fine it here!
Articulated candle holder. Danish Modern. Mid Century. MCM candelabra. brass
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You can truly give brass a side hug and use a gold leaf or mixed metal accessories.

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Lastly, you can second guess the trend. Go one step beyond it. Say to yourself, if brass is hot now, what might be next, bronze, which is like brass. Or, is it time for the trend to swing in the opposite direction? If a trend just took a turn- from stainless steel to brass for example, then it will probably continue along the path for a bit. If we have already progressed down a trend path- red in the new black, pink is the new red, orange is the new pink, then we might be swinging to the opposite direction where green is the new orange. Opposite on the color wheel- green and orange. Try your hand at trend spotting! Even better, be an early adopter and the envy of your friends. Soon, you will be the trendsetter!

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