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Monday, July 28, 2014

Hanna Antiques (2424 7th Ave S)- last days of the sale

We are in the final stretch of the BIG sale at Hanna Antiques! I have added a few new things to the shop and marked down about 10 more items. I am ready to see some more movement and make more room for the back to school and back to college crowd- then it is on to the holidays shopping season.

Here is my new desk! Campaign desk that is and it is glorious. I sat down at it to write out the sale tags and wondered why I did not keep it! Best of all, it is currently 25% off, bringing it to $900. The base is sturdy, albeit a bit battle scarred (not real battle scars mind you, it is not actually from the turn of the century... more like the 1980's).

I have also added some of the steamboat Southern Comfort glasses to by Mid Century Bar!

More Southern Comfort glasses on the newly marked down barley twist gaming table.

Over all, you can see my newly picked french country writing design, a oh-so-comfortable armchair, and the newly marked down mid century side tables!

Many of the dealers have brought in new items and made additional mark downs, as I have! It is time to shop for yourself, you new college student, your first time apartment dweller, your holiday list!

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