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Friday, July 25, 2014

Living smaller: Tiny- the movie

This image is from Katrina Cottages website. 

I  have a fascination with the small house movement from "The Not So Big House" books from Sarah 
Susanka to Tumbleweed houses to Katrina Cottages and now a documentary I wanted last night called Tiny, a story about living small. Here is a trailer of the movie. WATCH!

Where Katrina cottage maybe too cute, this uber industrial might just fit the bill!

If the time house movement is new to you... and you think it is strange or undo-able to live in under 250 square feet, watch the movie. Not only do you follow someone making a tiny cottage from scratch, but you also head from folks who live in them, how their lives are improved, and the freedom they offer. One of the spaces is completely white including the dishes and full of cubby storage. They typically have solar panels for electricity and some have these tint fireplaces that are made for boats. These folks live debt free and have the freedom to spend their money on other things than house upkeep like keeping up 6 sinks, 2-3 toilets an the plumbing they include, in a typical house. It is looking at the world, and your world differently. It is saying I don't need an impressively large house to be an impressive person. And, the free thinking that people have built houses for centuries without official plans, so why can't I, is very bold.

I am truly fascinate with these little houses. However, living in the most active tornado area in the country, it is perhaps foolhardy to consider building one- at least one on wheels. And as a business owner, it may not be viable to be in under 250 square feet. But living small and appreciating what you have instead of finding joy only in the "thrill of the hunt" is appealing. Even though I can writing construction documents and understand building construction, I still think I would purchase building plans. Luckily, there are a few companies that not only sell the plans, but can build the house and drive it to your location!

If you are really interested in going TINY, please check your local building codes. Many municipalities limit the size of homes built in it's limits. Some limit the house size to as small as 600 square feet. My city limits the interior square footage to 1000 square feet for one stories and 1300 square feet for 1.5 stories. You can find this information on the cities website, look for "building codes."

Would you live in a tiny house? Or, do you already?

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