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Monday, July 21, 2014

Trending- Pineapples and brass pineapples

Trend-spotting is one of my favorite things to do. It is not like doing a craft project, where you have a specific thing to do and do it until it is completed. It is something that is always "on." You see something that reminds you that you have seen this a few more times recently, then you see it again and realize you have a trend brewing. then you wait to see if this is a micro-trend or has legs!

In my Etsy shop, and on many of the online "user driven" shopping sites (like One King's Lane, Etsy and Ebay), I have noticed a trend for brass pineapples. It started last fall where they were being purchased on One King's Lane quickly and at a great price. I found some last October and they were quickly bought from my Etsy store. Then I was contacted by German Cosmopolitan for an image to run in the Magazine's February issue. (I mean, what?!?! super excited!)

Look! There I am above the gorgeous kelly green chaise! 
Then my sources dried up, until recently, when I was able to source about three more! I think they are great for nesting together on the mantle, adding warmth to a modern space, or just saying welcome! You can store change, candy, matches, etc. inside and they can hold a taper candle. Truly a design milti-tasker!

The "big blogs" are picking up on this trend as well! I commented on a post yesterday from Decor8 regarding the Pineapple "micro-trend" which had a variety of pineapple themed items from wallpaper to lamps.

Are you spotting any awesome trends? Do tell!

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