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Friday, January 17, 2014

You've come a long way baby- I finally feel full

I have worked on the transition from one antique store to another on the other side of town for the last two weeks and I finally feel "full" in the new space and the old is closed. I have taken pictures each day I go in to see the progress and to feel that there has been progress.

From day one to yesterday, here's how far I've come along in the space.

A few items, a little on the walls, and an open box started the first day.

Second visit brought lots of chairs, new clear shelves for my cameras and some more suitcases. And reminders from the staff at Hanna's that I "still have some space".
Phase three- I'm moved out on one space and can pick and choose my favorite items for the space... which means the house looks like an antique store... and not in a good way.

Phase three brought more tables and some styling opportunities to the space.
Yes, that 20% off is still available through the end of the month

In phase three, I created an "office space" on one end of the booth with my desk and awesome chairs serving as "guest chairs- perhaps I am missing Corporate America a little. However, this also brought the barrister bookcase for display for my bookend collection and a space for a fantastic hand cut lead crystal lamp.

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