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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New digs- Hanna Antiques

In the new year, I have decided to make some business changes- freshen-up, change of scene, etc.  Beside being published and the cover story in Birmingham Home and Garden magazine as a New Designer to Watch, I have changed my antique store locale. I am currently moving into Hanna Antiques at 2424 7th ave South in downtown Birmingham. I'll be full moved in this weekend!

It  is also Hanna's annual January Sale! New antiques, in new digs, with a 20% off sale! A perfect match for savings.

Stop by my space on the main floor near the small ramp to see the new items I have recently added to my stock for this new location! You will find a lovely Limoges tray, Nippon cocoa set, a darling armoire- perfect for a nursery, handsome vintage trunks, and some small Staffordshire dogs. A camera collection will arrive tomorrow!


  1. I love that cocoa set! It is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Elin, I also have a limoges tray with the same kind of hand painted violets! You can kind of see it on the desk. They are so sweet and perfect for purple lovers... which I am, except during homecoming!

    2. Ha! PV to that! I like the tray, too! Emmeline's middle name is Violet, so I'll show her these. She's just realizing that things decorated with violets are special, so I think she'll like to see this.


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