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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Well-made Wednesday- the custom skirted table

This year I am posting a series called Well-made Wednesday. Each week will feature an item that is well crafted and show you what are the hallmark of the well crafted item. It will provided some designer insight for what we are looking for in a piece to use when you to antiquing or when looking at a handcrafted item.

This week's well made is a lovely custom skirted table-which is skewing a stronger green in the image than in real life. This well made table features a removable skirt, inverted pleats with button detail and small bouillon fringe. The top is a miter, which is lovely for a striped table and allows the stripes to appear aligned at the edge. The table top is protected with glass and the table is custom made with the addition of the leg stabilizer creating a shelf.

There are a few key points on this table that are above and beyond well made and some that are a great standard to look for when you are having custom work done.

The "above and beyond" points are:
silk fabric
mitered table top
covered buttons
good fringe
Velcro skirt

The standards to look for are:
custom table
table under-lined in double napped flannel
lined skirt "hidden" seam

Perfectly aligned stripes on the mitered top fabric!

The skirt Velcros to the top of the table allowing for easy spot cleaning or the ability to remove the skirt before moving the table to prevent damage. It also allows for easy ironing or steaming of the skirt fabric. The Velcro's soft side in on the skirt and the prickly side on the table preventing the Velcro from folding against the face fabric and damaging it. The seam and closure of the skirt can be hidden in the inverted pleats. Note that the skirt is lined and the Velcro is sewn to the lining fabric.

This is the button closure of the skirt the wrap tie is there for gentle security of the seam.

This detail of the underside of the table edge shows the Velcro is stapled in place over the face fabric and almost hidden from view is the unbleached, double napped (fuzzy on both sides) flannel that is between the wood table and the face fabric. This would protect the face fabric for any strange resins or tannins for migrating to the face fabric and damaging the table's look.

The top of the table connects to the legs with a box called an apron. Note that the apron on this table is a miter joint edge which prevents any fabric snagging from the end of the wood like a butt joint could create.

Another nice feature of this custom made table is the lap-type joint legs and the cross blocking the corners of the table. This table is also screwed and glued as opposed to nailed together.

It's great to find a pretty piece, or have one created, that is not only pretty on the outside, but underneath as well. If you would like to see this table in person and you are in the Birmingham, AL area, stop by Hanna Antiques at 2424 7th ave. S! What well made pieces have you found?

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