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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blenko glass- why you should have some!

1208 Bella Bocca Pitcher
I love a collectible that is functional. Murano glass vases, vintage salt and pepper shakers, and my personal fave vintage metal office items... but that's a whole 'nother post. I would suggest adding Blenko to that list!

Blenko glass is an American glass company that started making glass for windows in 1893 and later moved into the caste and blown glass objects still in production in West Virginia since 1921. Glass lends a lightness and elegance to a space. The colors can change with the light in the space and it gives a bit of sparkle!

The glass pieces from Blenko range from vessels like water bottles, bowls and decanters, to holiday items, candle holders and bookends. The bookends are my latest obsession. You can find them signed or unsigned, in the pebbled "ice floe" patterns- which really look like melting ice, and figural work.

Vintage  Starburst Ice Blue 4in CUBE BOOKENDS, Older Blenko Handmade Label, Wayne Husted Art Glass USA
starburst cubes
434 Pair of Half Circle Bookends
Half circle bookends
Blenko clear glass bear Bookends- pair of bears in the ice floe pattern
Cute "ice floe" bear bookends
Public Broadcast channels across the country are a great source for the story behind Blenko and often run the program during fund drives where you can get a piece of Blenko for a certain pledge amount. Though this is a great way to support public broadcasting and begin you collection, it's one of many. There is the website with new pieces, that can be signed for a small up charge. As well as the vintage market, where you will find a variety of styles and themes.

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