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Monday, November 11, 2013

Doing Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta

Normally if I am "doing" Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta, or Lakewood 400, I am referring to going and shopping, however, this weekend I turned the tables. I was a dealer for the "extravaganza" weekend!

There were many of those "what have I gotten myself into" moments, like when they told me to arrive at 4:00 in the morning to set up. Or, when I drove up, long before dawn, in my loaded-up Prius and got in line with all box trucks and huge trailers on trucks.

This was somewhere between the little engine that could, and that terrible sinking feeling.
Then, there was the actually loading in with huge diesel trucks, diesel fumes, and tons of glorious furniture wheeling off the trucks. Not to mention the beautiful rugs, hides and tapestries. I love seeing all the action, breathing the fumes for 4 hours, I can do without.

Then there was the lovely, rich displays that I didn't feel like I pulled off.
Their display- rich and riotous

Their display- beach-tastic

My display- clutter and contemporary, not to mention overwhelmed by the giant furniture behind me.

However, I learned more than I could have possibly imagined! The dealers around me were gracious, funny, and generous with tips and suggestions. I understand the market better, which will guide my buying in the future. I learning that these folks are successful because of years of building a base of people that come to them regularly. They have a clientele just like interior designers and I plan to count myself among their followers! This is not about showing up with the latest trend and assuming people know the trend, want to adopt it, and will buy. This is about educating the buyer, and yourself, about trends, makers, product components, furniture construction, etc. This is an "always learning, always moving" business and as one dealer told me, "we are gypsies" referring to the always picking for shows and going to them across the country lifestyle.

There is a good chance I will not be back as a dealer any time soon. I have to do some deep thought about it and make good plans. Best of the show was that I made some excellent connections that would have taken years to develop, as just a buyer. Also, I have a new outlook on my space at Interiors and Antiques.

I look forward to going back next month, or maybe January, to shop and see my new friends.

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