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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big rocks for the home

Big rocks are big and they rock... be it agate, geodes, or crystals! So, if you have enough big rocks in your jewelry box, why not add some to your home. Here's my round-up of some great Big Rocks from Etsy!


Brazilian agate bookends natural and not dyed
Brazilian agate

Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Bookends
Arizona rainbow petrified wood

SALE: Pair of Vintage Petrified Wood Bookends
Vintage petrified wood

Geode Crystal Bookends
Geode Crystal

Natural Gemstone specimens~

Amethyst Cluster Large and Beautiful
Amethyst Cluster

Large Hollow Septarian Stone Hand Carved Egg Yellow Calcite Crystals with Beautiful Abstract Matrix SE-12
Septarian Stone egg

Large Dark Green Chalcedony Geode with Mini Stilbite Crystals. Heart and Crown Chakras. Crystal Healing / Mineral Specimen.
Dark Green Chalcedony


Natural Peacock Blue Copper Gemstone Lamp Finial
Peacock Copper Gemstone

Lamp Finial - Oco Geode Agate Crystal
Oco Geode Agate

Chrysophrase Finial

1PC 100% Natural Gemstone Rock&Mineral Rough Specimen Titanium Colorful Agate Druzy Geoge  Lamp Finial, Gemstone Lamp Charms Lighting Parts

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