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Saturday, May 25, 2013

... then I used the incantation, "scourgify"!

Finding great objects, accessories, and furnishings at an estate sale satifies the thrill of the chase, but it is not the end of the story. It would be great to be able to "pick" a sales then immediately put it back out for sale with a small finders fee. However, many times...well, most of the time... 95% of the time, really... you have add a heaping helping of elbow grease and some cleaning know-how. 

Take the lovely Paul Hanson Lamp with the oh-so-stylish lattice-work base. Pretty, stylish, and a TOTAL sticky dirt magnet. Every top edge of the lattice edge was filled with sticky dirt, as in not vacuum-able, not to mention the crevices of the base and the edges.

So, since this is glazed white ceramic, it is basically glass... for cleaning purposes, or course. So, with a light weight glass cleaner- with no dyes- and many cotton swabs, I went to town on every edge, crevice, and flat plane with Mrs. Meyers window cleaner in lavender... be case lavender is my fave small. Always choose un-dyed cleaners. If there are light cracks or crazing in the glazing, the dyes can deposit in the crazing and draw attention to the cracks.

My before and afters are below.

"the funk of forty thousand years..."

And then I used the incantation, "scourgify" with my magic cotton swab wand.

It is always best to start with the least of the cleaners and more work on your part, than a harsh cleaner with light work on your part. You want to clean, but not damage. And remember, some patinas are important to not only the value but aesthetic of the piece. When in doubt, do a little research by searching on Ebay, Etsy, and Pinterest for what you are debating to see what the current trend is.

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