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Sunday, May 26, 2013

the great hotel hunt- the ongoing story of my new old steamer trunk

My recent acquisitions included an old trunk. A real handsome devil with two vintage labels from the same place, both damaged and each with a partial address. As a former researcher, I hit the trail to find some provenance for this trunk.

There was a name on the end, Russell Clark of New Orleans and I did find an actor in the 1920's with this name. Could be the same guy, but I wanted to work on the labels before I decided it was his.

So on to the label and the internet.

I pieced together the two labels in photoshop to see if I could pull any more info out of the labels. I knew I would be able to complete the address, though I was guessing not the establishment.

So, together, they read Fourteen East 60th Street and then I have an EA and a big missing space and a BCOCK with an illustration that looks like a street scene.
I started with the address, without a city or state to see what would come up. Perhaps there is a hotel still in that location, or a train station.  And, I can up with the address for flagship store for Barney's in NewYork! It is a cool old looking building and the street is Madison Ave. I also found other businesses with that address including The Library of America and the Central Park Conservancy. Not from or in NY, I'm not sure how all this plays out. Maybe the building spans the street to the avenue since all three business claim that address on Citysearch... not that that is really advancing my cause.
I searched the history of the building that Barney's is in and I have contacted the conservancy as well as a blog about New York City's historic buildings hoping they can point me!
Oddly I also found an e-book poorly, poorly formatted... so poor that I cannot tell exactly what the subject is. Too bad, because it could be exactly what I need. There is an entry that reads like this:
Fourteen East 60th street, 156 rooms, 84 baths. Eager &
Babcock, proprietors; Theodore Fassig, steward; Felix
Delill, chef. 

This appears to be a hotel with 156 rooms and the proprietors would fit the EA and the BCOCK on the label to my luggage... but what is this place! What kind of food did Felix Delill cook? When was Theodore Fassig the steward? Was is fancy? Was it an apartment hotel?

I still do not know, but hopefully I will soon. In the mean time, here are some detail shots of the trunk... currently airing on the patio.


  1. The hotel at 14 East 60th Street was the Hotel Fourteen. It was a residential hotel with a very colorful history!

    1. Thanks for the info. I have put out feelers to a couple of places in NYC, but this is exactly what I was looking for! Wow, formerly the hotel about the Copacabana!


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