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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mr. Selfridge inspirations- the turquoise parlor set

As I sit on my turquoise velvet chaise watching Mr. Selfridge and loving the turquoise/teal parlor set. Will it start a color trend? I hope so! What do you think? Here is some inspirations to mull over.

(And, in case you haven't seen the series... here is a link to the series. Mr. Selfridge.)

First two images are stills from Mr. Selfridge.
Kika Markham Mr Selfridge

from Lonny magazine

from Apartment Therapy
 Yum, turquoise and warm dark wood tones!

Aqua Master Bedroom
From a Southern Living Idea House 2006... and there is the chaise I'm sitting on. Wish I could have gotten the doggie chaise for my schnauzer!

From PR Girl in KC blog


  1. Nice. Turquoise is a great color.

    1. Thanks Buddy. It is one of my faves, especially paired with purple.

  2. I ADORE all things turquoise! That is a beautiful chair!

    1. Me, too. All these chairs are great. I am currently really into wingbacks and turquoise just makes them evern better.


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