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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pickin' and a Grinnin'- part two

I told myself that I would not go back to the estate sales today... that I should not... that I've spent enough... that perhaps that Monkey Lamp is still there. No no, back up there... that I should not go!

Then I remembered that I need a pillow form for the Monkey pillow from yesterday, and I was already headed to the car with one thought in mind- Monkey Lamp. I mean, pillow form.

And, while I was checking on the Monkey Lamp, I might as well go to the other sale that I missed yesterday. right?

Oh, well, I did find more things to love and I did eventually get the pillow form! Here are today's picks and a few from earlier this week. I need to do some clean-up, rewiring, new lamp shade, but these are all winners.

Love this collapsible table with brass trays. I think I need to darken the legs, maybe.

Glass top tables are quite hard to photograph... especially against a stack of old suitcases. However, great table, great lines! And hot, not brass!

great feet!

Sail boat painting, which is actually in a frame I just didn't include it in the pic. Original tag is on the back from a New England Gallery for $200.

 Lovely lamp with great trellis pattern and yellow base. Vintage Paul Hanson Lamp with original shade! Nice size at 32 inches tall from base to finial.

 I love vintage cameras and this is a really cool one with a "garage door" that slides up to reveal the view port on top and the lenses on the front. Comes in original leather case... though the front panel of the case is missing.

View of the view port.

See something you like? Just let me know! I'm happy to give a pre-store discount on the prices and I even deliver, within reason!

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