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Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm a pickin' and I'm a grinnin'... today's picks are excellent

I headed back out today for one last pick for the week! I was muggy, sticky, and the first time I have actually seen "pushy people" at an estate sale... usually they are nice. These people were like angry bulls- snatching tags and some were using their girth to plow the crowd.
Doesn't matter. I found some winners despite the crowd. Here are some of my picks that are soon to be in Interiors and Antiques in Vestavia Hills on Hwy 31. Or, if you see something you like, just let me know! I'm happy to sell direct and I take cash, checks, paypal, and credit cards. Just contact me for the prices.

This chair, I love, love, love! Vintage Broyhill with cabriolet legs, woven caning sides, club chair lines and pretty button tufted back. The caning is in excellent condition and I would guess the age to be from the 1960's. Why do I love this chair so much? Beside the aforementioned... it is the pretty moss green mohair velvet. Ah, mohair, how I love that you feel like my schnauzer right after a haircut. Or do I love to pet my just shorn schnauzer because he feels like mohair? Any hoo, the chair is an awesome bargain! Only one condition problem I can find, there is a smidgen of moth damage on the underside of the cushion... about a dime size spot.

Mmmm, monkey pillow! Needlepoint is always in style and some how, so are monkeys. As this is needlepoint AND a monkey, it is a win~win. love the lushy bell fringe and cording. At a generous 22 inches, why would you not want this on your sofa or fave chair.

Horse figure lamp. So strong, vaguely Asian, antique looking but will all the modern functioning. Brass rod holds a three-way bulb. About 27 inches tall with the horse measuring about 11 inches.

Lamp lit.

Horse cannot believe how cool this creamer and sugar is! Handmade set is marked with and NS on the side at the bottom (I'm research who that is) High fire ceramic with the body of the set in a stripe of the natural cream/white of the clay and a green glaze. The top and inside is glazed in a iron-red which pools to reveal some hints of brown in the glaze. Really pretty set, very "artist made" look. Makes me miss working in ceramics.

A group shot of finds!

Next needlepoint pillow! Pretty, dainty, and and oh-so-useful size  (12 inches by 14 inches).There are lumbar pillows for function and lumbar pillows for looks~ this has both!

This table may stay as is or be painted, I haven't decided yet! It's a perfect drinks table and the top is actually a tilt top. 22 inches tall and 16 inches in diameter. What do you think? Paint, no paint?

These suit cases are AWEsome. I have a stack of old suitcases as a end table in the living room. It is the perfect storage spot and looks super cool. And, on occasion has served as stage props! Stacked together, these measure 27 inches tall. Great brass locks, all functioning, although it looks like I left one open in this picture.
What do you think? Interested? Wanna come shop with me? Want me to be on the lookout for something for you?

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