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Friday, May 17, 2013

Today's Pickin's


Today I hit four, count them 4, estate sales in 2 hours. There was so many that I actually didn't have enough time to get to the 5th! I decided to simply put the addresses in groups by area and just plug them into the GPS. I learned a few lessons today.

Note the picture on the left relates of #4!

 Here are my top ones-

1. Look at a map to generally know where you are going.
Had I know that I would be backtracking so far between #1 and #2, I would have put them in a different order. However, had #2 not been a bust, I might not have cared.

2. Use a GPS!
I was so easy to connect between the sales by plugging in the next location, like a real treasure hunt.

3, Always drive past the sale before parking.
I invariably choose a parking park that is WAY far way from the house when there is one quite close, that I would have found if I had only tired to get closer. Not that I am the person who is always on the look-out for a close parking space, but at estate sales, you might be buying big. It is easier to get it to the car when you are closer.

4. Take pictures.
Sometimes you see things that you do not want, but you want to remember. If for no other reason because it is so strange you want a record! I did not buy this cart above today- but I had to record it for posterity!

5. bring a bag, maybe some bubble wrap.
If you check the websites of the sales and you know that there is glass at the sale that you might want, then bring a bag and a smidgen of bubble wrap. A little bubble wrap will shield your new glass pieces from each other.

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