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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Suzani pattern- still can't get enough!

I love them, want to see them everywhere, love the patterning and the colors. Here are some pillows to easily adding to your home's wardrobe as well as some vintage pieces and a stencil... in case you fancy going all out!

Here are some faves! Please click on the links to shop this look.

From Sew Susie Designs on Esty

Vintage Silk Suzani - 1970's Opaline Green and Deep Pink Tadjik
From Material Recovery on Etsy

Braemore Silsila in Rhinestone Suzani Design 18x18 or 20x20  Pillow Cover
From Sew Susie Designs on Esty
Large Reusable Wall Stencil Intricate Zelij Allover Moroccan Stencil for DIY Decorating
Not traditionally a suzani, but offers that feel from Royal Stencil Designs on Esty
Uzbekistan Silk handmade Suzani
Beautiful silk piece from Uzbekistan from Ruslan Khamidov on Etsy
Suzani pillow cover - Decorative pillow
Great pillow from Uzhandicraft on Etsy

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  1. ikat fabric is really great option for decoration either it is wall decoration or furniture decoration. It goes very well with everything.


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