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Friday, January 18, 2013

HOLA- veggie box

HOLA- handmade, organic, local, artisan

Today's HOLA is this week's veggie box from Moore's Farm via Freshfully!

Last week's box yielded some great recipes and I am hoping for the same this week.

Here's my box!

What I really like about this Moore's farm box in the note included in the box with a list of everything in the box and recipe resources. Such a nice touch.

Clock wise starting at the pecans this box includes:
a bell pepper
"mixed roots" - sweet potato, yukon gold potato, two turnips
6 local apples (no wax and nice sized)
bonus Collard green
bag of kale
and red leaf lettuce

My plans?
Apple brown betty with the apples and pecans
Cooked collards, roasted sweet potato and chicken
Green salad with red leaf lettuce, tomato, bell pepper and roasted pecans
Roasted roots and butternut squash with red leaf lettuce salad

Check out my Pecans and Paleo tab above! I have started chronicling the recipes I am working on and they include recipes for the CSA boxes.

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