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Monday, January 21, 2013

Inaugural luncheon flowers in orange to pink

Inaugural luncheon flowers are fantastic!

"Jack Lucky Floral Design is getting the honor to arrange the flowers for the inaugural luncheon for the sixth time," according to WUSA9 news.
from EPA
Placed to perfection: Catering staff make the finishing touches for the Inaugural luncheon in Statuary Hall on Monday morning
from Reuters
The flower arrangements include- orange Free Spirit rose, according to WUSA9. These roses are know for  undulating petals and bi-color yellow to pink coloration. Also included in the arrangement is Ranunculus, also in orange. The ranunculus are also bi-colored and create a lightness to the arrangement.

This is arrangement is an easy one to use as a guide for your own easy arrangement. Start with a base of the same flowers, in this case the open roses, and choose a flower similar in color to add. The secondary flower should rise about and inch to two inches above the base flowers. The tonal quality of the arrangement is modern and the flower choice provide the sophistication. My favorite part is that the flower buds provide the greenery in the arrangement, thus no extra greenery is needed!

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