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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ghost chair- chair covers

Lucite chairs present a slight problem when you want to add chair pads, seat covers, or special pillows. Of course the ties, tabs, and fasteners will show. I have found some attractive and rather clever solutions! Check them out~
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Great patterns shine with these chairs
Smart solution- ties just at the arms. Make sure the backing is dense, otherwise the back seat cover will sag.

Great image from Willow Home, lucite chair is made of sheer slip covers. Careful that the fabric does not abraded the chair from repeated or prolonged sitting.

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The ultimate ghost chair chair covers, the Waldorf's dining room from Gossip Girl. Lovely matte gold silk with button tufting. I have tried... for many episodes... to figure out how they are attached. I have decided it is with super strong magnet, one of the chair pad tab and the other underneath the lip of the chair, making it almost invisible.
How do you think they do it?

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