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Monday, January 21, 2013

Design through the lens of the inauguration

What can we learn, design-wise, from today's inauguration? Many things as it turns out.

Home design patterns are emerging into the clothing realm. Love the slight sparkle in the ikat patterned coat with the open weave silvery shimmery scarf.

From CNN video feed- Myrlie Evers-Williams

Great color comes in shades-
The Obama ladies shades of purple ensembles are a triumph. It speaks to unity of the two main political parties, how colors presented in three shades always go together (where as two colors often look "off"), and the contemporary nature of crisp colors.
The first family in pretty colors

Lastly, continuity. The act of the inauguration is an act of continuity and teaches us that all projects are a journey. Design is a journey, it doesn't end, but is flexible, fluid, and require a bit of paperwork. :)

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