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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skull-duggery for the home

Celebrating Halloween year round can seem, well, not so seemly. Too Elvira. Too devil worshipping. However, adding a bit of Gothic to a home can add humor, depth, and gravitas. Here are some great picks to add a touch of Gothic Halloween to your home!

Day of the Dead is becoming a popular holiday in the United States adopted from Mexico, like Cinco De Mayo. The roots of the celebration is in honoring the departed and celebrating their life. It takes place on November first, in the Catholic calender is it known as All Saints Day. This graphic and beautiful pillow can be a gentle reminder of loved ones that have gone before us or a celebration of the beauty of graphic design and artful renderings. This "sugar skull pillow" is made of burlap and is from "The Watson Group" on Etsy.
Sometime antique furniture needs a touch of unconventionality- thank the family heirloom that doesn't fir into your modern aesthetic. Changing the hardware can change the piece. These bird skull drawer pulls could be just the touch you need!  This cast metal crow skull is silver plated. More information on the skull drawer pulls can be found HERE at BillyBlue22 on Etsy. 

A side view of the silver placed crow drawer pull from BillyBlue22 on Etsy.

Plate collections are a great way to decorate in a formal setting, to show of beautiful dinnerware that is not in use, or as a "placeholder" for future art purchases. This place add a bit of cheeky humor to your average plate collection! Create by the folks at the Lucky Fox on Etsy, this fun plate ships from England and adds instant interest to a staid collection.
No, you are my favorite! Always forgetting to leave a note? Wish you could write thoughts on the inside of your head? What to shock the in laws? Have I got the perfect thing for you! This skull is cast plastic skull if covered in chalkboard paint and is the perfect spot or leaving a note for the rest of your household. What time is the little league game? Check the skull. Starting a grocery list? Write in on your head.  Like to doodle? This guy is made for all your sugar skull skills!
Brought to you by iamhome on etsy.

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