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Friday, October 19, 2012

Movie furniture

There are many movies that I like the decor for one reason or another. Elle Wood's bedroom in Legally Blond and her apartment in Legally Blond 2, for example. I like the melding the modern furnishings with pop colors. It takes the coldness out of modern. I love the pink boucle fabric on the Eero Saarinen's Womb Chair that appeared in her college dorm.  

However, I wonder if people would want the furnishings from a room in a movie. I noticed the chairs from the Hunger Games tribute dining area are currently available at It's is a kind of reverse product placement- you see the movie and find out about the furnishings instead of know the product then see it in movie. And, though I think the chairs look cool and possible even comfortable, I'm not sure that a reminder of the excesses of the Capital, which are depicted and egregious and despicable and the fear of the games, for hunting and killing other people, are something I want around my dining room table. Do I want people who saw the movie to think I am such a raving fan that I bought the chairs. It seems a bit obsessive. So, as cool as the chairs are, I an not sure the best marketing on them is to mention the movie. Especially since the book, and theoretically the movie is for teens, who typically do not purchase furniture.

seatbelt chairs from The Hunger Games
Scene from Hunger Games in the dining area of for the tributes from area 11.

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