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Friday, September 21, 2012

Celebrating Wayne Thibaud

I fell in love with Wayne Thibaud's work in a graphic design class in college. I loved the movement, whimsy and joy. His shadowing are a heightened coloration of the actual colors that would be present. Often the shadows are opposite on the color wheel than the color of the items. This can create a visual vibration of the pieces, giving the pieces the sense of what it would be like to eat all those sweets!

Wayne Thiebaud

I have curated a collection of art below that reminds me of the Thibaud aesthetic- both is subject and technique. Each piece features a simple design, bright colors, contrasting color shadows and have a luscious food theme.

Original oil painting- Sweet cupcake, 6x6 on canvas, ready to hang
Cat Pope Fine Arts on Etsy- great Alabama artist!
Root Beer Float Original Watercolor Food Beverage Painting  John Williams art JMW Impressionism
Root beer float by JMW portfolio on  Etsy

Macarons Watercolor Art Print, 8x10
Macroons by JoJoLaRue on Etsy

Fruit cream tart dessert, original oil on canvas painting, 18 x 24 cm, 7" x 9" in.
Fruit cream desserts by Komarovart on Etsy

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