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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What interior designers do

The glamorous description of my job yesterday is that I was at the lake house fluffing and zhuzzing. The weather was so lovely, we left the french doors open to feel the breeze off the water. The beginning of the leaves changing was inspirational and was highlighted with the floral arrangements I made for a little tablescaping before taking some pre-photography shots of the space.
If only I had this steamer with a strap!
The reality was that though I did make flower arrangements, leave the doors open for a breeze, and did some fluffing. I also spent about 3-4 hours steaming 12 foot high linen drapes... yards and yards of drapes! I also hauled ladders, extension cords, furniture, pillows and breakables... hammered, drilled, adjusted shelves...
I thoroughly enjoy my job, but it is not as glamorous as interior design is thought to be. A requisite for the job of interior designer should include strong back along with an understanding of scale, color, anthropometric, fabrics, drapes, drafting, HVAC, wood, carpeting, etc. And as much as I hate to admit... math!  Beside understanding how to choose art for a client there is also doing the math to hang the art, calculating flooring, drapes, upholstery, and furniture placement.

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