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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back to School: The Dorm - tastic freshman room

I had the best dorm room on campus when I was in college- a large corner room in the dorm with bathrooms in the room. Though the dorm was on the periphery of campus and had gross light green metal furniture, the attached bathroom trumped everything else. I made a quilt for my bed the summer before my freshman year from a dress with a full skirt and a coordinating fabric that was purchased at the time the dress fabric was purchased.
To celebrate the back to school spirit and the joys of leaving home... combined with the sadness of missing home. I have collected a group of dorm must haves for that first year of college. Hopefully the rising freshman will find some great ideas to help bring a bit of home with them to school.

Pair of Bookends, Pushing Men
Kindles and Nooks are great, but you will probably have some real books, too!
Pair of Bookends, Leaning Ladies
Great for future heroines, drama queens and art deco fans. The leaning ladies book ends.
Dorm Room Decor or Wall Art - Personalized Roommate and College Gift - Printable (Keep Calm Theme))
Fun signage for the dorm door or as a reminder for when deadlines get tight and dances are coming up!
Duvet Cover - Dorm Bedding - College Bedding
Pink and Green and Happy! Great dorm collecting of duvet and pillows!
Bright Pink Dinosaur Planter Bright Pink Allosaurus
Ferocious, that you! Attacking homework, devouring books, dominating on the Dean's list.. no? Not you? How
about dominating in your dining hall, devouring rush week and ferocious in your school colors!  Plants help
to clean the air, which is nice in a dorm and succulents are easy to care for.

5 vintage look kraft paper clothes pins - hand painted black, papered and beautifully finished- ready to ship
Pin notes, keep up with papers, decorate your bulletin board! Clothes pins are also handy for clipping bags closed!
Dorm keys, car keys, or lab keys- you have to keep up with them! Great to start the new school year
and perfect for the college care packages from Mom! Great gift for you roommate, suite mates, or sisters!

USB Hubman, Pink
This little guy will be the best college boyfriend you'll ever have! You can never have enough plugs...
Maybe you are like Mr. Weasley and you collect them! This would be a great addition to the collection.

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