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Monday, May 28, 2012

My computer's hotness level!

So, I have a hot computer. Yes, it's a real looker in brown plaid with a touch panel on the top of the keyboard to adjust the volume. But my computer's hotness was temperature related. (sigh)
See, isn't the volume slider cool!

I've been diligently typing, adjusting, grammar checking and looking for images for my final paper to complete my Master of Arts in Interior Design. All of this has caused my computer to break into a sweat! And frankly, I do not need hot air blowing on me in the summer. So how do I fix this problem on grad student funds! After quite a bit of Internet research, which contributed to the problem. I came up with two solutions, one was inspired by a techie pages on the web, and one from my problem solver-ness.

Here's the techie plan-

This is not my laptop, but it is similar.
1. First find a screwdriver small enough to fit the screws on the back of your computer.
2. Turn off the laptop and unplug it (safety first!)
3. Pop out the battery with the mystery slider on the bottom of the computer and remove all panels you can with out taking the actually back off (no need to be extreme, now.)
4. Place the little doors on the other side of the room so there is no chance of vacuuming the screws up.
5. Get your strongest vacuum, or your only vacuum. (Not the one for the computer, the one for the floors.)
6. Then, suck out all the open compartments, even if they look clean.
7. Next suck out the fan vent section- a lot... like until you are deafened from the vacuum noise.
8. Put all the little doors back on the laptop back and the battery back in place.
9. Plug in turn on and continue working. Be amazed at how quiet your computer fan is!

Step two- my problem solving plan!Because I do not use a computer desk, but a vintage desk, it is a bit high for laptop use. So, adding the special fan base to cool my laptop really made typing for a long period of time uncomfortable.
I needed the vent-ability of the cooling fan mat without the bulk.
Then it hit me.
Clothes pins!
Yes, clothes pins!

These are some of my clothespins on etsy!
I have placed two wooden clothes pins under the back of my computer to tilt it up. They allow air to flow underneath my computer without altering the height of the keyboard... much.

Please know that I am not a computer person. And this is only my experience with my computer. Use my advise at your our risk. By keeping your laptop clean and cool you will extend the life of it and in the long run prevent excess electrical appliances out of landfills. Always recycle computers when the time comes!

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