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Monday, May 21, 2012

Work room re-do


I have been working on reworking my work space... which is a lot of work! Once you realize that you use the dining room a hand full of times a year for dining, but daily as a work space, you know it is time to quite dancing around all those chairs and get some storage in there! Here are a few inspiring work spaces for you!

I would love to go to work in a space like this one to the left that I found on pinterest! Organized, pretty, vintage-y, and with a large window.  I need a window in every space I work in because I need the view, I like the air flow and I think hearing the birds twitter calms the mind!

Fantastic sewing/crafting room. Black white and some color!

What makes this space work is the amount of white, which allows the eyes to rest from the pattern and color. Another great part about this space is the photographs of plants at eye level. Attention restoration theory teaches us that allowing a view of nature, even it is a photograph can rewire the brain to refocus on the task at hand faster then looking at something not from nature. This fabulous image came from the blog

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Smart use of space with many recycled items!
Organization is the key to keeping your craft room as a space you will want to work in. Since I run my online business from a craft room, I have to remember to keep it neat, otherwise I will only go in to fulfill and order and stop designing new item! I like this space because it look like a building on a campgrounds. By reusing furniture pieces, you not only cut down on the cost of outfitting your space, you are doing a service to the environment by avoiding cheaply made "craft room" furniture and plastic products. Storing items in plastic is great for many reasons, buy using them judiciously and thoughtfully, is the best use of that resource.

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  1. You can never go wrong with white! :) And those inspiring office spaces are proof of that! Thanks a lot for sharing this post!


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