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Monday, April 9, 2012

fabrics, fabrics, fabrics!

I love to here the sound of the UPS man's breaks because it means I am about to get a package. Today's package is glorious. It is a fabric shipment for a bedroom project that is delicious! When I took the plastic off of the package, it has the tell-tell squeak of silk rubbing against silk. The back of the fabric is a burst of colored fibers, the front is the ordered beauty of an old world classic floral, re-made with a modern color palette. Floral jacquard silk. Really, need I really say more? In fabrics, color is never richer than when produced in silk. I cannot wait to make it into a headboard!

This fabric came too! I love the subtle animal print of velvet on a weighty natural cotton linen field. Would be perfect for a touch of whimsy in a neutral beach house! Or adding a hint of pale aqua in a creamy family room. Pillows? yes! Chair upholstery? Double yes!


  1. Please tell me where I can find this leopard print fabric! Thanks!

    1. Kimberly, This really is fantastic fabric! I would be happy to order it for you! Just email me at with the yardage that you need and I will get the pricing info.
      Thanks for asking, Laurl


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