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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shopping- handmade houses

Etsy designers are producing some of the most innovative dog houses and pet loungers out there. These beds are houses are a great way to incorporate your pets living areas into your living area with out loosing your aesthetic! Also, no messy bedding with most of these spaces partially enclosed. Best of all you will get the satisfaction of purchasing from and artist where you can support small businesses grow!
Check out this curated photo collection!

The mid-century modern dog house by is very cool for under $500!
Mid Century MODERN DOG Furniture - Medium

The dog pod lounge by for under $600.
Dog pod lounge - Walnut

The Modern Pet bed for only $155 by does it come with the adorable dogs?

Modern Pet Bed, daybed and lounger (Small Dog Bed / Cat Bed, 25"x19")

So deliciously orange one want to lick it... and I bet some dwellers have! The Warm Orange Red Bubble. It's cat-tastic at $59.00 from I have been coveting her work for a while and if I have a cat, I would covet this for my cat!
Warm Orange Red Bubble - Hand Felted Wool Cat Bed / Vessel - Crisp Contemporary Design

The canopy lounge in Dots... now on sale! I can see my dog now resting his chin on the side to watch me! Check it out at!
SALE 30% off Limited Time Canopy Lounge in Dots

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  1. Awesome! These pet furniture pieces are adorable :)


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