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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eating with your eyes- The French Mushroom

I love a good French Mushroom... not to eat, to look at, and possibly to sit upon! The French are known as taste makers, and the French mushroom with a red spotted cap and white stem is as ubiquitous as the gnome to French garden culture.

Here are some great selections from my friends at Etsy... and yes, full disclosure, one of these items is mine.

Mushroom Terrarium OOAK Needle Felted Non Living Terrarium Amanita Muscaria Fly Algeric
EmilyLovesNeedles on Etsy brings us this sweet terrarium, easy to grow because it is all felted from wool. What a sweet way to add a bit of French countryside to you home!
Pair of Mushroom Pins (stuffed) - made to order
Cute pair of mushroom pins from Ottoman on Etsy are perfect for an addition to your pincushions or a great way to denote fabric being stored.
Vintage French Mushroom Images 1 x 3 Microscope Slides Digital Collage Sheet no.2
French mushroom college images from Passion Fruits Images are designed to glass microscope slide college.

Toadstools, and Cookies, and Buttons -Oh my. 12 Toadstool Button Cookies ORGANIC
Who could resist a Toadstool Button cookie from Andies Specialty Sweets on Etsy? These are mushroom even I could love!
Toad Stool Mushroom
This is a must for adding some countryside to the back yard. The toad stool Mushroom stool is perfect for playtime or garden parties. This is a real stool made from a discarded log. Kiss the Prince on Etsy offers these fantastic stools!
Knobs French mushroom red and white- handpainted set of 4
These awesome French mushroom knobs are from my Etsy shop, LaurlDesigns, perfect for a kitchen or even a child's room.

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  1. I love these items :)
    And thank you for including mine. As well as being beautiful, they are also a wonderful spiritual aide if treated with respect, as they can be poisonous with overindulgence.


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