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Sunday, September 20, 2009

tip day- indoor plants

As I mentioned yesterday, indoor plant provide good chi... or if you don't believe in Fung Shui, then think of them as your natural air cleaner. But for those afraid of killing them, indoor plants can be intimidating. There are many very tolerant plants out there, "mother-in-law's tongue" comes to mind. I kept one going for many months in a black bathroom... a very low light and easy to forget to water area. If it was in an area with more light and some water, I would have had a stronger variegation on the leaves. By the way, it didn't die in the bathroom, I painted the room and the plant didn't "go" in there anymore.

Another great plant idea, and I think it would be a really good on for Karin's living room, would be an orchid. People think they are fussy, but they are not. I had a friend in college that grew them in his dorm room. Getting it to re-bloom can take some work. However, between blooming you can purchase a really high quality "silk" orchid stem. There are some "silk flowers" being made out of latex that not only look like the real thing, but feel like it, as well. When your plant is not blooming, add the silk flower, when you get a spray of buds, store the fake flower until you need it again. Stored properly and washed with each "re-potting" you silk stem should be fooling people and adding color to your room for years to come!

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