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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Karin's living room

Karin' living room had some common dilemmas:

1. many openings in one space
2. large artwork
3. great views (which is not really a problem)
4. small budget

5. desire to display photos and artwork

Karin has some favorite pieces of furniture she wanted to keep, as well some she would like to but down the road. Due to the budgeting needs, I decided to provide she with three designs for the space so that she can build the living room in stages.

Karin want to continue to watch TV in the space, as well as have have a space that would provide good conversation flow. Additionally, she wanted to be able to look at the great view and possibly paint with the natural light source. The original plan at the right show the basic layout and the flow problems in the room.

The furniture chosen for the space is the Trig line from The line not only has the modern style that Karin is interested in, but also the lightness of the powder coated steel and an 8mm tempered glass surface. The desk in front of the window would have occluded the view, due to the depth of the window. However, the thin frame and the glass top lets in tons of light. The desk can be used like a console and provides a space for photos, or if Karin can paint at the desk. She could even use a light source underneath and use it as a light table in a pinch! The Phillipe Starck Louis Ghost chair, a favorite of Karin and mine, was chosen for the desk chair to "save the view" as well as providing another seat in the conversation when not in use at the desk.

First Phase option one:

The first option (at the left) is a bit of furniture movement and the purchase of the trig short shelving and trig desk from The ottoman and chair are pulled off of the wall and placed as a chair in the room, providing a seat for the great view as well as the TV. She can buy the Ghost chair at this point or use a chair she already had, for the time being.

Phase One option two:

Option two (at the right) moves all of the furniture in the room. The desk, shelving, and chair are new, the furniture on the rug are Karin's current pieces. And, the new position provides a pass through from the hall and dining area, as well as an area for an art gallery wall. This wall contains a HVAC register and a return, neither of these can be blocked, so this was the best location for Karin to grow her art collection.

Final phase:

This final phase added a third Trig shelf from and will down the road, include a new sofa. This phase also include a plant that will do well with the light from the window as well as filter the air, and provide some good Fung Shui Chi. Though this house already had excellent Fung Shui Chi with it's South facing location.

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