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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ode to a Singer Featherweight sewing machine- sold on Ebay

Lovely featherweight from 1941, complete with case, feet and bobbin.

Lately, I have tried my hand at selling on Ebay, instead of Etsy. And it has gone well. Although sometimes...

I am sad to see something leave me. Today is one of those days.
pretty feather weight sewing machine, weights about 16 pounds and was intended to be carried from place to place. 
Pretty gold detailing on the body of the machine

This beauty is leaving me tomorrow and headed to Houston. And though I know I am in the business of selling things... I buy pretty things and would like to keep them.
Belt driven machine that is still in good repair! Look at that cute on/off switch. It looks like a parcheesi playing piece. 

Oh, the Egyptian Scroll Attachment plate on the end. It makes a sewist's heart flutter!

So goodbye pretty lady! Perhaps I will find a lovely replacement to look at a while until the next one sells!

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