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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My K Cup review and a life hack

As a member of Influenster, I received products to review, on occassion. My most recent review-able items was a My K Cup refillable coffee filter. I have had a refillable coffee filter with my old Keurig and was disappointed that there was not a new one for the new machines.

Well wait no more! Influenster sent me one with a pound of coffee for review on my Keurig 2.0 machine. It is as good as the previous model, but with less parts.  Lots of Pros and only one Con, which is not really a con for me, but others seem to take issue. Suffice to say, Keurig has another sales opportunity to make a carafe sized My K Cup!

Please, please Keurig, Make a My Carafe K Cup!


Easy to Clean- dump out the wet coffee and dust out the dry a few hours later

Well Sized- fits into the K Cup holder and holds lots of coffee

Easy to Use- just fill to the tab, line up the marks on the lid and brew


Doesn't work with the carafe- this is no deal breaker for me, but judging from reviews on the site, it bothers some people.

Now for the life hack!

I'll admit, I don't like holding down the button for water to dispense to make tea. Then it hit me. I could empty the tea bag into the My K Cup and brew.
Lo and Behold... the perfect cup of tea. One bag can brew enough to have 12-14 ounce cup of tea.

Though Mr. Carson would not approve, I think it's brilliant!

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