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Saturday, October 4, 2014

New FLOR rug patterns for Fall

Rustic porch with FLOR rug tiles

I have loved FLOR rugs for many years... yes, I spelled that right F-L-O-R. For the uninitiated, they make carpet squares, but not just any ol' office carpet. Their rug tiles are made from recycled fibers, are recyclable, and come is so many styles and piles! I especially love the vintage styles, like Ambrosia in Magenta above!

Birmingham condo designed by Laurl Self

I love them so much, I used them on the condo that was featured on the cover of Birmingham Home and Garden magazine this January. This space features Reoriented in Teal.

turquoise, pink and orange condo by Laurl Self

So, when they emailed with new styles of their modern take of a vintage pattern... I was all in!

Check out the new collection called Intricacy!

rustic space with FLOR rug tiles

contemporary space with FLOR rug tiles

Modern space with FLOR rug tiles

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